In today’s rapidly changing media landscape, a copywriter needs to have a broad range of skills to help brands and businesses effectively meet their marketing and communication goals. That’s why I’ve got such a long headline.  Here’s a glimpse of what else I’ve got:

•Over 15 years’ copywriting and marketing experience for major brands in London, Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane
•Website content development skills (and a good knowledge of IA, UX, SEO)
•Social media skills for brand building and relationship marketing
•Formal qualifications in professional writing & editing; and writing & directing for the screen
•Marketing strategy skills
•Long copy and journalism skills (MEAA accredited journalist) – essential for effective content creation
•Broad range of writing voices, from formal to fun.

I also have a huge passion for art and popular culture, an obscene dedication to researching the latest digital media trends, and a genuine desire to get the best results for my clients.

Here’s where you can discover more about me, the professional writing and consulting services I offer, my writing experience and some examples of my work in case studies.

If you want to dig a little deeper, check out my blog and other writing I do.

Like to find out more? Please get in touch.

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